College of Pharmacy

Program Description:

BS Pharmacy is a four-year general pharmacy degree program which is designed to train students in the effective delivery of pharmaceutical services both in private and government placements. The course provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and skills in the clinical, industrial, community and administrative functions of the pharmacy profession.

The College of Pharmacy offers an additional one-year ladderized program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Clinical Pharmacy. Students are trained to be equipped in their societal roles as “drug experts”, researchers, partners in a multi-disciplinary health care team, educators, managers, leaders, and as effective communicators. The course also provides education and training of students in direct patient-care environments, including medical centers, and a variety of other health care settings, collaborating with physicians and/or other partners in a health system that allows them to perform a full range of medication decision-making functions as part of the patient’s health care team.

The following graduates of BS Clinical Pharmacy passed the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate equivalency Examination given in United States of America (USA)



  • Prof. Perlita M. Crucis

Programs Offered