The Management curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Management is a four-year development program designed to provide professional education and training for students preparing themselves for managerial or staff positions, or for the operation of a business or division of an industrial, marketing or service enterprise. It also offers courses for college students who need management courses as foundation for their academic programs.

The program seeks to develop within framework of the local enterprise system, a philosophy of management which incorporates a sense of responsibility to employers, employees, consumers, vendors, and the community.

Thus, it becomes important that the students gain the knowledge and skills for human relations, directing group effort and the various phases of business, such as production, marketing, finance, personnel, and accounting. Students are required to take some courses in each of these fields.

An important component of the program is the knowledge, understanding, and application of the ethical principles of the profession.

In addition, specific courses launch the student into a survey of standard methods and techniques for doing business, followed by a study of the principles of industrial management, administrative services, business psychology, purchasing administration, and business policy. Case studies, problem solving techniques, group discussions, conferences, and other forums are employed to bring out the practical aspects of management.