Customs Administration

Program Description and General Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration program aims to prepare students in the practice of the Customs Broker profession, as customs, international practitioners in the field of transportation and supply chain management.

The Objectives of the Program are:

1.      Prepare the students to meet the requirements of the customs broker profession in the Philippines;

2.      Nurture and enhance the professional leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the graduates;

3.      Develop globally competitive graduates who possess skills in communication, leadership and information technology in the fields of business and industry;

4.      Inculcate in the graduates the culture of research and the importance of continuing education;

5.      Develop globally competitive graduates who possess profound knowledge in supply chain management;

6.      Develop socially responsible and morally ethical professionals who internalize the values stated in the Code of Ethics for Customs Brokers;

7.      Develop competent, effective and efficient customs brokers who can:

a.      Give professional advice or act as consultants in matters relating to tariff and customs laws, rules and regulations in connection with activities involving importation, exportation and transportation of goods.

b.      Apply knowledge in import taxation, prepare customs requisite documents including declarations of customs duties and taxes as well as processing import entries and export declarations; 

c.      Represent clients before any government agency or private entity in cases relative to valuation and classification of articles for import or export; and

d.      Provide industry-based practicum training program.