Graduate Studies Procedure

After satisfying the admission requirements, the student shall proceed as follows:


Graduate students shall proceed to the Office of the Dean for advising. The Dean of the Graduate School or the Program Coordinator shall advise the student on the subjects to be enrolled based on the subjects offered for the semester.

The student shall accomplish an enrollment form to indicate the subjects he intends to enroll.

The student shall proceed to the Cashier’s Office to pay the required fees.

The student shall encode the approved subjects at the Encoding Section of the Office of the Registrar.  

A computerized enrollment form shall be issued to the student.

For Cross Enrollees
Secure permit from the mother school. If the student is from South Manila Consortium, the permit should be signed by the Dean and the Student Affairs Director of the mother school.

A Student ID is issued by the University for the student to enter the campus
premises and avail of student services. New students shall proceed to the ID section for application. An old student should secure validation sticker from the ID section.


  • A student may add subject/s not later than the first week from the official opening of classes.
  • A student with a petitioned subject shall accomplish a subject petition form and submit the same at the Dean’s Office.  If approved, the student who petitioned the subject shall not be allowed to drop the subject.
  • The added, changed and petitioned course/s should appear in the student’s enrolment form for him to be included in the official class list.  
  • A certification of attendance issued by a professor for a student who is not officially enrolled will not be honored.


Cross enrolment shall be allowed only for a student on his terminal semester provided that no equivalent course is currently offered by the university.    


  • Written request to cross enroll
  • Endorsement by the Dean
  • Approval by the Registrar

Contact Details

Graduate School Department Adamson University
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Street Ermita Manila 1000
Tel. Nos. 524.2011 local 317 536.6246

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