Integrated Community Extension Services

Students are encouraged to participate in social action and in the community extension services of the University. They are invited to get involved actively in sharing their time, talents and treasures implementing community organization and development programs, activities and services for the marginalized. These programs are under the office of Integrated Community Extension Services (ICES) in coordination with the academic and co-academic offices.

Vision and Mission

The core of ICES is drawn from the Vision and Mission of Adamson University:

"Extending relevant community services that contribute to an improved quality of human life, commitment as evangelizers for the empowerment of the poor, involvement in the development of the community, and people especially the poor."

General Objectives:

ICES is tasked to coordinate all community-extension services and programs of the University.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Develop an innovative approach that would awaken sensitivity in the different sectors of the University populace composed of students, personnel, faculty, and administrators in response to the needs and problems of the community, especially the poor.
  2. Bear witness to the Vincentian Charism in its service for the underserved, marginalized sector of our society.
  3. Inculcate Value Awareness and its implications to human needs.
  4. Formulate strategies for the improvement of Community Services and Programs that would facilitate the development of Self-Suficiency and Self-Reliance of the beneficiaries.