Student Affairs and Services

Operating within the context of the Mission Statement and Objectives of Adamson University, the Office for Student Affairs is both an administrative and a service office. It is administrative in the sense that it serves to enforce and implement all policies, rules and regulations of the University as well as those of theCommission on Higher Education (CHED) and other relevant laws, with respect to:


  1. The students' general conduct, behavior and discipline; and
  2. The student organizations, associations, programs, forums activities.

It is an office in the sense that it serves and looks after the interests of students. The Director for Student Affairs carries out administrative functions of the office while the services are rendered by the two sections namely, the Student Discipline and the Student Development.

Specifically, the Office is committed to:

  1. Prepare a Student Handbook containing among others, policies, rules and regulations affecting student formation, development, conduct, behavior, and discipline, and the formation and guidance of student organizations for the approval of the Vice-President for Student Affairs.
  2. Advice the Adamson University Student Government in its functions, programs, and activities.
  3. Supervise student organizations with respect to the:
    1. Approval of faculty adviser as proposed by officers of the organizations or the college / department concerned;
    2. Processing of organizational membership, annual reports and record;
    3. Advising of student organizations' officers;
    4. Maintaining channels of communication through regular monthly meetings with officers, consultation sessions and other forums.
    5. Maintaining channels of communication through regular monthly meetings with officers, consultation sessions and other forums.
  4. Recommend requests of student groups for the use of University facilities to the Physical Facilities Office for Approval;
  5. Conduct Freshmen Orientation Programs;
  6. Coordinate with University Offices concerned with student services in the following areas:
    1. Liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations;
    2. Co-curricular and extra-curricular student development programs;
    3. Guidance and counseling services;
    4. Student community and extension services;
    5. Pastoral care;
  7. Promote linkages with external and professional organizations for assistance in student formation and development programs; and
  8. Implement guidelines on the prescribed uniforms of students.

Office of Student Affairs Institutional Membership:

  1. Philippine Association of Administrator of Student Affairs (PAASA)
  2. Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP)
  3. Association of Campus Student Advisers (ACSA)
  4. Campus Security Management Association of the Philippines (CSMAP)
  5. Philippine National Association of School Security Officers (PHILNASSO)