Chemistry Laboratory


The Chemistry Laboratory is a safety-compliant laboratory, fully equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities that provide quality laboratory services for the benefit of all sectors of the society. 


The Chemistry Laboratory is committed to the delivery of sustainable quality laboratory services for holistic development of all stakeholders thus producing competent, innovative, globally competitive and God-fearing individuals. 

Chemistry Laboratory Quality Objectives 

1. To render quality laboratory services to all colleges with chemistry in their academic programs.

2. To provide researchers the accessibility of available resources and technical expertise. 

3. To comply with the laboratory safety rules and guidelines to achieve a safe and harmonious laboratory environment. 

4. To update the staff with the advancement in laboratory technology by attending seminars and other related activities for a more effective and efficient governance. 

5. To train students to excel in the field of technology through laboratory activities and techniques. 

6. To participate with the ICES in their outreach programs.