University Relations

The Office for University Relations (OUR), as the office of the university in international student’s relations, lines up activities year-round that lead towards the integration of international students with the campus community. Starting off every school year, the OUR organized an annual gathering to receive the new batch of international students. It is an initiative to welcome the new  students in the community in the spirit of belonging and solidarity.

Highlighting the aspiration to unity the international students, the OUR launched the International Students’ Association of Adamson University or ISAAD, an organization that is established first and foremost to bring together the efforts of international  students under one banner in their quest for educational excellence while fraternalties among its members.

With the international students working hand in hand with the OUR, a lot more can be achieved to rise above socio-cultural and religious barriers, and fulfill the university’s mission leading to the formation of competent creative and socially responsible individuals through commitment to excellence in discovery, learning and service.