Enactus of Adamson University (ENACTUS)


We take inspiration from M.Ghandi and his famous quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

At Enactus Adamson University we endeavour to be this change. We strongly encourage student enterprise and believe all students from all disciplines can be enterprising, make a difference in the world and develop themselves and their career at the same time.

Through Enactus we aim to encourage more responsible leadership and believe a team based model where everyone works together towards the same goal is key to success. Entrepreneurial action is a powerful force for good when utilized properly and is something we are all capable of. We aim to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of our members so that together, we can enable progress and empower those in need in our communities.


The Enactus Adamson University mission is to...

Bring together student, academic and business leaders to create, develop and apply innovative solutions to empower people in need worldwide.




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