Ozanam Study Grant Program (OSGP)

The Ozanam Study Grant Program Organization is a socio-civic organization inspired by the thoughts and works of St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederick Ozanam.

The OSGP organization is bounded by the vision of the scholarship grant and the University's objectives. It follows the mission of the University in developing its members thru different formation programs and coordinated activities with OSAS (environmental, religious, etc.), helping them become good leaders and followers, enhancing their values, forming them to become true blooded Adamsonians and Vincentian Scholars as well.

To become a member of OSGP Organization, one must pass the requirements of OSGP grant, wherein he/she shall religiously be performing the three pillars (Academic, Apostolate, and Duty) as Student Assistants.

Ozanam Study Grant Program (OSGP) Organization is re-established in the year 2013 and accredited under the Recognized Student Organization (RSOs) of the Office for Student Affairs, from its former name Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Ozanam Study Grant Program (SSVP-OSGP), thru the efforts of the officers of the AY 2013-2014.



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Ozanam Student Grant Program