Association of Hospitality Management Students (AHMS)


The Adamson Hospitality Management Students is the Official Organization of the Hospitality Management Students of Adamson University that pursue the full implementation of its programs, policies, projects and activities in accordance with the University authorities and comply such programs, policies, projects and activities with the University Policies.

As the core assemblage of the Hospitality Management Department and as a part of the Adamson University Community, the organization aims to unite and integrate with fellowAdamsoniansand co-Student Leaders in the University as well as the network outside the University. As such, the Organization also aims to uplift the social consciousness of the Hospitality Management Community by providing them the awareness of the changing demands of hotels, restaurants and its related industries.




As an Academic Organization, the Adamson Hospitality Management Students shall foster the Spirit of camaraderie and aspiration among the Hospitality Management Students as well as provide opportunities for the development of skills geared towards professional growth in the Hospitality Industry. The Adamson Hospitality Management shall develop ethical values and possess a thorough understanding and appreciation of Hospitality Management among the members. Also, the organization shall participate in program concerning nutrition, hotel and restaurant services; participate in community extension activities concerning food safety and sanitation, food preparation and service, and environmental protection and enhance on activities and innovativeness of members through exposure program.

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