Two library researches get CRD approval

Date Posted: January 30, 2017 at 03:05 PM

Conducting field research – by faculty or co-academic personnel – is one key activity to ensure maintenance of the university’s Autonomous Status, the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) highest recognition.

               Involved in such an undertaking is the Library Services Department, one of the major academic support services in Adamson. Spearheaded by its tireless director, Ms. Helen C. de Castro, together with Ms. Judeelyn S. Bundoc, Graduate School librarian; Ms. Vivian A. Lirio, Law librarian; and Ms. Adoracion L. Ventura, Reference librarian, the library successfully carried out two research papers that were eventually approved by the Center for Research and Development (CRD).

The first research, Assessment of the AdU Filipiniana Book Collection: Basis for 3-Year Collection Development Plan by Ms. de Castro and Ms. Bundoc, was submitted last August 2015. It assessed the current state of the Filipiniana book collection by identifying its size, the strength and weakness of each subject-area, the user/usage profile for the last three years, and the budget allocation and acquisitions performance for the last three years. The primary purpose of this study was to address the accrediting agencies’ recommendation that the library continuously acquire additional books for professional subjects inclusive of Filipiniana materials. A short-range plan or a 3-Year Filipiniana Collection Development Plan (SY 2015-2016 to SY 2017-2018) was proposed for the enhancement and improvement of the collection. 

Another research, An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Adamson University Library Book Collection through Syllabus Analysis, conducted by Ms. de Castro, Ms. Bundoc, Ms. Lirio and Ms. Ventura was submitted last October 2016. The paper is an in-depth study of the library book collection through syllabus analysis focusing on the professional and major subjects of one graduate program with bar examination and the fifteen undergraduate academic courses with board examinations. A subject research guide was proposed to support the courses/programs and specific assignments. The results of the study produced a variety of tasks for the library and a means of collaboration with the faculty in creating a curriculum-responsive library.

Several research proposals are now in progress. Conducting research may be both difficult and time-consuming but it provides significant help in the delivery of efficient library services.

The above-mentioned researches are available at the ground floor of the L.M. Library.

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