Adamson bags 4th, 7th place in May 2019 ChE boards

Date Posted: June 3, 2019 at 04:08 PM

The University continued its rise in the chemical engineering licensure examinations as two Adamsonians secured a spot at the Top 10.

Engr. Ma. Angelica Diongson grabbed Top 4 while Engr. Fher Louis Calaor landed at the 7th position in an examination which saw Adamsonians totalling a 70.73 passing rate, or 29 passers out of 41 examinees, slightly above last November 2018’s 70.27% or 26 passers out of 37 exam takers, and May 2018’s 66.67% or 26 passers out of 39 takers.

The batch had a 50.81 national passing percentage, or 313 passers out of 616 takers, a significant rise from the previous 46.54%, or 296 out of 636 takers.

The new Vincentian Chemical Engineers include: Diongson, Calaor, Engr. Nezreen Dulay, Engr. Hannah Lissajous Arellano, Engr. Neil Ryan Briones, Engr. Daniel Cusi, Engr. Aira May De Rosas, Engr. Jayvee Dimaculangan, Engr. Kimberly Fritz Dimayuga, Engr. John Paul Encarnacion, Engr. Michael Mitch Hernandez, Engr.Ilian Flores, Engr. Farrah Mae Gagui, Engr. Ferdinand Ibay, Jr., Engr. Karen Dee Iringan, Engr. Ronald Jamora, Engr. Czarina Mae Lee, Engr. Jeswino Legaspi, Engr. Judilyn Grace Lopez, Engr. Manases Malacas, Engr. Michelle Ann Marasigan, Engr. Ma. Betina Isabel Modina, Engr. Syla Naval, Engr. Jonavick Orellano, Engr. Arya Patricia Palad, Engr. Kevin Jorge Ramos, Engr. Karl Nico Tamayp, Engr. Michael Andrew Yagin and Engr. Adrienne Hera Zulueta.



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